God didn't create metal

just to make paper clips.

D.M. Foundries LTD

(Incorporating Carter Castings (1974) Ltd and Alegrey Ltd)

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Machine Shop


We have supplied machined castings for some years and the demand is increasing.


We have a fully equipped machine shop on site. We can supply you with complete components and/or assemble finished, painted and ready to be used within your own works, thus reducing your inventory and improving your productivity, with a lower level of capital plant equipment.


Another advantage is that, even with castings produced to a high standard or quality, occasionally defects do occur. Purchasing fully machined castings means that these random faults will have been discovered and dealt with. Therefore you recieve usable components to be further processed in your works; this reduces delays and you are freed from the increasing problem of disposing of swarf and the cost involved in this.