God didn't create metal

just to make paper clips.

D.M. Foundries LTD

(Incorporating Carter Castings (1974) Ltd and Alegrey Ltd)

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Pattern Shop


We have our own Pattern Shop onsite with skilled Pattern Makers, who are able to work to Customers specific technical requirements.


We work mainly in wood and plastic but where the need arises it is also possible for us to make metal and polystyrene patterns.


Our technical staff decide on the production techniques to be used in the moulding process and our skilled Pattern Makers incorporate the necessary moulding joints, running and feeding systems and, when wanted core boxes. The contraction allowances for the particular metal to be cast are incorporated in the patterns which are made to very accurate dimensional tolerances.


Generally speaking, any patterns produced are exclusive to you, our Customer, you pay for them and we do not use them for any purpose other than your own specific orders.

Contact us for pattern making or to discuss technical requirments